Reproductive Rebel

Heart Speak: Coming Home To Your Body with Katie Ama Rose

February 07, 2024 Adrienne Irizarry, HWH Season 3 Episode 6
Reproductive Rebel
Heart Speak: Coming Home To Your Body with Katie Ama Rose
Reproductive Rebel
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Show Notes

How often do you drop into your body and truly listen to what lies there? Many of us are disconnected from our body wisdom and it is one of the big reasons we struggle with our health, decision making and more.

Our body is so much wiser than our ego mind wants you to believe.

Join me this week as I welcome the beautiful Katie Ama Rose of Spirit Remembered on the show and we talk about how important our connection to body wisdom and heart centered knowing truly is for our overall health and wellbeing.

About Our Guest:

Katie Ama Rose is a professional priestess, transformational guide, and steward of the Divine Feminine Mysteries. She supports women in their remembrance of who they truly are, coming home to their hearts and co-creating their lives from this space.
She is devoted to the Way of Love and here to hold and love others through their remembrance of wholeness.
Katie facilitates this embodied remembrance and transformation through 1-on-1 alchemical journeys, full-body anointing, ceremony, workshops, retreats and the Temple of Remembrance Mystery School programs.




Embody: A 9-moon, transformational and intimate group journey activating your divine feminine remembrance and embodying it wholly!

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