Reproductive Rebel

New Year - Slower You

January 16, 2024 Adrienne Irizarry, HWH Season 3 Episode 3
Reproductive Rebel
New Year - Slower You
Reproductive Rebel
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Show Notes

There is so much buzz at the start of a new year about making changes and establishing new habits and patterns.

Just writing that I am feeling pressure to create action - how do you feel reading it?

What if, you start 2024 differently? Let this truly be a new year and new beginning - of a slower more mindful you.

We are in winter in the Northern Hemisphere. That is a slower, more introspective energy to hold. This slowing/stopping is crucial to show up how we want to as the pace quickens with the coming of Spring in March. There is a reason the sign of Aries used to mark the start of the calendar before the advent of the Gregorian calendar!

This is the time of reflection, rest and maybe some planning so that as the energy shifts seasonally we are ready to take off and meet the pace we are being offered. In nature, nothing rushes and yet everything gets done.

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