Reproductive Rebel

Seed Cycling Reboot

December 26, 2023 Adrienne Irizarry, HWH
Reproductive Rebel
Seed Cycling Reboot
Reproductive Rebel
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Show Notes

We are celebrating your favorite episodes from Reproductive Rebel this season and back by popular demand is our talk about Seed Cycling.

What is seed cycling? This is a question I often receive from clients in my practice. It’s a phrase that more and more women are hearing, but without a clear idea of what it is or how to effectively harness its gifts.

In this week’s episode we talk about what seed cycling is and how you can make it a part of your lifestyle to support all the energetic and physical shifts in your cycle.

Thank you for a wonderful 2023 and I look forward to continuing the conversation around holistic women's health in 2024!

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